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2022 Offertory Commitment

posted Jan 2, 2022, 8:28 AM by Pam Dumaine

We are trying a new way of sending the Offertory Commitment papers since it is so late getting them out. If the Parish Office had an email address to send your Commitment paper to, this was sent to Parishioners during the week of 12/26.  For all others, the Commitment paper has been mailed to your home.  Please prayerfully consider what you have to offer this year back to the Lord for all your many blessings and then fill out your Commitment paper and drop it in the collection basket in an envelope marked "Parish Office" or "Commitment Paper."

If you wish to give electronically, it is the same as bill pay through your bank account.  You set up so they will send a check to us once a month from your bank account.  It is for your safety that no one hacks your account doing it this way.  You may also just send a check in once a month if that is more convenient.  Than you to all that that have set this up so far.  Please contact the Parish Office (859-635-2924) with questions.